Disputes regarding shareholding, duties of directors and general management of a company occur on a regular basis and it is imperative that the necessary documentation including updated company registers, share certificate, memorandums of incorporation, shareholders’ agreements etc. are in place to ensure protection for directors, shareholders and relevant stakeholders of the company.

We at Higgs Attorneys Inc. act as the gatekeeper of good corporate governance and deliver the following company law services:


Establishment of procedures and policies designed to ensure that your company functions within the confinements of laws, regulations and standards.  These services include annual maintenance and record keeping, annual returns and notices, guiding and advising the board on changes in legislation, ensuring annual general meetings complies with Companies act, reporting on compliance with the company MOI and rules, use of our office as registered office as well as director’s disclosures.

Corporate Governance

Compliance with all business-applicable provisions as incorporated in the King Report on Corporate Governance.  These services include a review of legal and regulatory developments affecting the company, meeting management assistance, governance opinions and advice, board evaluations, administration and of directors’ and employees share participation schemes, policies and practice with regards to corporate social responsibility and the overseeing of meeting attendance and voting processes.

Secretarial Services

Acting as the gateway for information, communications, advice and arbitration between the company and its stakeholders.  Executive/non-executive directors, board committee members and prescribed officers are advised of their statutory responsibilities to assist in ensuring that the company operates within the law and in accordance with King III. These services include assisting in director recruitment and induction; ensuring proper compilation and circulation of board papers, share registers and review of legal documentation.

Environmental Compliance

We identify possible environmental risks and advise on all areas of environmental compliance.

Should you be interested in utilizing our services or have any queries please contact Louis Fourie at our offices or per email


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